Green Juice Recipe

Green juice may be the most nourishing, healing, cleansing, alkalising and mineralising drink available. Green juice is preferable to fruit and beetroot or carrot juices, which for many people are too high in sugar for daily consumption. Green Juice recipes can be very strong so it is advisable to start with a base (at least 50%) of either/or cucumber and celery which are mild, and then add smaller quantities of the darker (stronger) greens. Lemon juice and a little bit of apple makes this very palatable.

Ingredients for one person:

½ cucumber

4 stalks celery

Handful spinach leaves / kale / parsley / other green leaves

¼ lemon (organic and unwaxed) including skin

¼ – ½ apple to sweeten

Wash produce and cut thin enough to feed into a slowjuicer such as the Greenstar.


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