Home made hand cream with cacao butter!


Recipe by Noelle Kabel

This is a lovely recipe for the colder days, as the hands often become a little dryer in this climate. Thanks to the cacao butter this hand butter is thick and very soft and smooth when you warm it in your hands. It stays much longer as a water-based handcrème. Just don’t use too much, otherwise, everything will slip out of your hands 😉


28 grams cacao butter
28 grams beeswax (or if you don’t want to use beeswax, experiment using more cacao butter)
4 tablespoons almond oil (or any other base oil you like)
12 drops of essential oils that you like.

I often like to use oils as carrot seed (good for any kind of skin problem, dry skin), bergamot or cedarwood (anti-septic properties), geranium (good anti-aging oil, also hydrating), and of course, there are a lot more. You are welcome to read more about that on my website.

Try not to be too enthusiastic, and mix 10 different oils, because then your skin might get confused. You want to give it rest and healing, so keep it simple, and stay with max. 4 essential oils.



This recipe is very simple to prepare, and you have plenty of time to eat some of Diana’s raw chocolate during the melting process. You can use the au bain marie method. I use a chocolate fondue pan (great invention). To heat the mixture au bain marie, you can heat water in a pan, and on top of that you can but another pan or bowl (preferably made from glass), this will make the mixture melt without it making contact with the water.

First melt the cacao butter, beeswax, and almond oil together. Stir once in a while, until every particle is dissolved. Then let it cool down a little, and add the essential oils of your choice. Stir again, and put it in a closed jar of your choice as soon as possible. That way, the fragrance and healing effects of the oils will last longer.

It will take some time for the mixture to become solid. In case you are using more cacao butter instead of beeswax, beware that the cream could become too hard or remain liquid. Then just put it in your pan again, and add a little more base oil or cacao butter.

Article by Noelle Kabel  www.noellemakessense.nl


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