Noordermarkt, Organic Farmers Market, Amsterdam, Every Saturday

IT’S OFFICIAL: Raw Superfoods will leave the Noordermarkt at the end of June 2018! Read the full announcement and see Special Price Offers Here.

Come and see Raw Superfoods at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam. Found at the junction of Westerstraat and Prinsengracht, Saturdays 9:00 – 16:00. We offer a wide variety of top quality superfoods, ingredients and equipment to support a high raw / living foods lifestyle. Or for anyone just wanting to add a few healthy things to their diet! Enjoy our own grown, mineral rich wheatgrass, as juice or whole trays to take away. We have a very popular manual juicer, and can order for you other slow juicers such as the Greenstar and other essential kitchen equipment including Vitamix blenders, Dehydrators.

We have our own certified organic ‘Raw Superfoods™’ Brand including all , Premium Maca, Mesquite, Lucuma, Chia seeds, Golden Flax Seeds, Kelp powder, Macadamia nuts, Camu Camu Berry, Mulberries and Golden /Inca Berries, as well as all sorts of premium Raw Cacao products from Ecuador; including Cacao Beans, Nibs, Paste, Butter and Powder, all from the rare heirloom, highly regarded ‘Arriba Nacional’ variety.

Diana Store’s Raw Superfoods™ stand has been at the Noordermarkt Saturday market since 2004 and we were the first in Amsterdam and Holland to sell RAW CHOCOLATE bars since 2006. Our ORIGINAL RAW CHOCOLATE PIE and LEMON PIE which have been the best sellers at our stall since we introduced it them 2007. Other popular homemade delicatessen items include chocolate-coconut macaroons, lasagna and pizza (seasonally available). All raw, all vegan. Since our chocolate and delicatessen products are made in small quantities and sold EXCLUSIVELY at the Noordermarkt, we can always offer them very fresh. They are also all 100% gluten free and dairy free!

We have many exotic dried fruits and other yummy snacks and chocolate bars such as Lovechock, Ombar and Chocodelic. We have dehydrated savoury crackers from Biobites, and Golden Apple, as well as energy bars such as Raw Bite, in many flavours.

Top Superfoods brands including PURE PLANET’s Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley and Kamut Wheat Grass Juice Powders, Red Marine Algae, and Amla Berry Vitamin C; Tibetan Authentic Goji Berries, Sun Warrior Protein powders, Dr. Goerg Coconut oil and butter, E3 Live/VISION products, and numerous other raw organic kitchen essentials including broccoli seeds, delicious hemp oil and seeds, and natural non sugar sweeteners such as Stevia, Yacon Syrup and Coconut Blossem Sugar.

We have a small selection of books including Diana Store’s 276 page publication, Raw Food Works, as well as Dutch language recipe books and other popular books by Victoria Boutenko, David Wolfe, and Brian Clement. We offer a warm welcome to anyone interested in improving the quality of their diet and are able to offer advice, based on many years personal experience of following a raw foods lifestyle!

Directions to Noordermarkt from Amsterdam Centraal Station:
Nearest tram: 13 or 17 from Centraal Station to the Westerkerk church. Stay on the side of the road of the church and turn onto the Prinsengracht canal, heading in the north direction. Anne Frank house is on the right. The Noordermarkt is on the left side of the canal after 600 metres, between the street Westerstraat and just before the Prinsengracht meets the Brouwersgracht. The Nooordermarkt is on the sqaure infront of the Noorderkerk church! By foot from CS (15 minutes): From the front of the station walk over the bridge to the main road Prinshendrikade. Facing the Victoria Hotel, turn right and walk approx 300 metres until you reach the beginning of the Singel canal. Cross the canal and then turn left, followed by 2nd right to be on the right hand side of the Brouwersgracht canal. Follow this until you reach the Prinsengracht (after the Herengracht and Keizersgracht). Turn left to cross the Brouwersgracht and then immediate right to cross the Prinsengracht. The Noordermarkt is 50 metres down the Prinsengracht on the right hand side.

Contact details

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