Morning Kick Start Juice

Fresh Juice with Mandarins, Cranberries and Wheatgrass


Slow Juicer


2-3 Mandarins. Alternatively Oranges or Blood Oranges can be used.

Handful Fresh Cranberries

Handful Fresh Wheatgrass – cut approx 10cm diameter round handful full grown (12-14 day old) wheatgrass


Wash the mandarins or oranges before slicing or peeling them to get rid of any mold or bacteria which may be carried by the knife from the skin into the fruit. Peel the mandarins, discarding the skin and keeping the white pith, and cut into quarters. Rinse the fresh cranberries and wheatgrass. Feed all ingredients through the slow juicer and serve immediately.

Kickstart juice with cranberries and wheatgrass


Fresh cranberries are a seasonal fruit available only in the winter in temperate climates. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this fruit with its unique taste and health benefits while it is available! Fresh unpasteurised cranberry juice is preferable over any store bought juice or packaged cranberry product. Cranberries are thought to be good for the bladder, kidneys and skin and are known as the go to fruit in case of a bladder infection. This is because they contain natural compounds which keep bacteria such as E. coli from adhering to bladder cells, allowing the bacteria to be eventually flushed from the body. They contain fibre and many vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C and manganese, as well as phytonutrients such as beta carotene, quercetin, and anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have an anti cancer effect and promote night vision. How to get over this intense sharp taste? Fresh cranberries are not the easiest fruit to enjoy as a snack on their own due to their intense tart and not very sweet flavour. It is easy, put them through the juicer with other more yummy ingredients such as the mandarin or orange juice recipe here, and their diluted sourness will add an invigorating kick. Fresh cranberries will keep in the fridge for about one month in their original packaging and up to a year in the freezer.


Maximise the nutritional value of this juice by adding a fresh shot of wheatgrass, appox 30ml, to add chlorophyll, minerals and amino acids. I deliberately did not stir my juice so that the wheatgrass flavour could be immediately chased by the mandarin. A true booster to kick start a winter morning!

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