We are in the process of completing our new privacy policy in line with the new AVG / GDPR laws.

In short, our policy is being written to reflect our commitment to the following principles:

Customer Rights

  • Transparency or the right for individuals to know what is happening with their personal data.
  • Consent or the right for individuals to choose what personal data is collected about them and to change that choice
  • Update and Erasure or the right for individuals to update or request deletion of their personal data
  • Portability or the right for individuals to request a machine readable copy of their personal data

Company Obligations

  • Due Care requires that companies safeguard personal data
  • Minimization requires that companies only collect personal data that is necessary for its intended purpose
  • Privacy by Design requires that companies analyze what risks affect personal data and work to minimize those risks
  • Notification requires that authorities are notified timely of any data breaches that affect personal data

Privacy Policy

RAW SUPERFOODS gebruikt de door afnemer opgegeven klantgegevens uitsluitend ten behoeve van het zo goed mogelijk verwerken van uw order(s) en de afnemer zo goed mogelijk te informeren over aanbiedingen, product- en marktontwikkelingen.

RAW SUPERFOODS verstrekt uw persoonlijke gegevens, zoals o.a. uw e-mailadres, nimmer aan derden.


Contact details

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