The Rainbow Diet – A Short Guide

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Nature attempts to communicate with us through her beautiful colours, and many brightly coloured foods are available to us. The visual appearance including the colour of a food helps to create our physiological readiness to eat it, for example the composition of our saliva changes.

Detoxing and eating a diet with pure wholefood ingredients restores our intuitive knowing about the foods we need. Especially removing processed foods with added salt, sugar, bad fats and other additives.

Gabriel Cousens, MD, author of Spiritual Nutrition believes that food of a certain colour has an affinity with the bodies chakra of the corresponding colour, Eg red = base chakra, green = heart chakra, purple = crown chakra, and that certain coloured foods will nourish and heal the organs associated with the same colour chakra.

He also has a system for eating the rainbow colours throughout the day; red/orange/yellow in morning, green in the middle of the day and blue/purple/white later in the day.

Colour is one of the features of plant foods which are most obviously changed by cooking. One way to get the benefits of the spectrum in your diet, as well as concentrate the potency of these colour pigments is to make a juice or blended smoothie with your produce. I find that the ‘Twin Gear’ type of slow juicer produces the best quality juice and is least likely to break down.

There are four many groups of pigments (colours) found in foods; all are anti-oxidants and all are found to have a diverse properties for supporting and protecting our health.


Abundant in leaves incl wheatgrass
Alkalising and cleansing


Oranges, Yellows and Red
Abundant in common food sources, for most of the yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, as well as the red in watermelon, chillis and tomatoes
Protective properties eg for the eyes


Red and Purple
Found in small quantities in diverse food sources including purple varieties of vegetables, black quinoa, black rice, black sesame seeds, blackberries. Aronia berries have the  highest amount.
Beneficial properties in cancer, heart disease


Red and Yellow
Found in relatively few plant species, including beetroots, rainbow chard, cactus fruit and goji berries
Especially good for the liver

Good recipe containing Betain here

Article by Diana Store based on notes for Drink Your Colours Workshop

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