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Product announcement

Since a few months, we have been stocking a small selection of Fjall Bjorken’s honey and fermented bee pollen at our stand at the Amsterdam’s Noordermarkt. Fjall Bjorken, is perhaps more widely known by the companies founder Leif Hedström. Leif previously presented his products regularly at the Noordermarkt 2012-2014 and after some time away is back and now collaborating with Raw Superfoods to make them available.

While living, learning, making herbal elixirs and travelling, more and more people around Leif discovered the amazing benefits of the artisanal products he makes from what nature gives us. This story has grown into a product line where still every piece is hand picked and pure handmade.


“Honey cultivated in optimal conditions with respect for bees, humans and nature – extracted using gentle techniques resulting in a honey in its richest and most pure form.”

All of the products are Certified Organic and Wild Harvested using Ancient Beekeeping methods to preserve all natural nutrients and vitality in this precious honey.

Leif’s wild honeybees live on private land in the European Peaks, a UNESCO-protected natural heritage site on the Atlantic seacoast in Northern Spain.  This special location provides pure, clean ozone-rich air and nutrient-dense soil.  The bees feed on the nectars and collect the pollens of wildflowers native to its pristine natural surrounding.

Honey is procured by a traditional Scandinavian technique of cold-pressing the comb.  The final product is unfiltered, leading to honey in its optimal form: pure, rich, raw, and nutritionally dense.

Through gentle, respectful beekeeping practices, 20% of the honey and comb is left for the bees’ nourishment during the colder winter months.

Leif is directly involved in the entire process, ensuring maximum integrity of his high standards for ethics and purity.


The downside of modern beekeeping practices looks like this:

Bees are fed sugar-water instead of their own honey.

In order to combat the bacterial growth that occurs in the beehive as a result of reusing honeycombs, bees are given antibiotics.

Honey, including ‘raw’ honey, is collected through a centrifuging process which requires heating the honey to 50-60 degrees Celsius and which leads to filtration of the honey – compromising greatly on the potential health benefits of the honey.

Honey that is procured through centrifuging – which is often labelled as raw or cold-pressed honey – goes through a process of spinning the comb to collect the honey.  The intense spinning causes oxidation to take place – which leads to the beginning of bacterial imbalance in the comb.  The comb is then recycled – in order to maximise the ‘efficiency’ of the bees – thus they will not ‘waste’ energy building a new comb, with the purpose of making honey production more efficient.

As oxidation of the comb has begun, and a bacterial imbalance is underway, bees are given antibiotics to keep the bacterial growth under control. The empty, oxidising cones will sit empty in the beehive for 5+ months through the winter – while bacteria grows.  Efficiency-minded beekeepers typically feed bees sugar water through the winter months, rather than leaving any portion of the bees’ own honey for their consumption.

Efficiency-minded beekeepers typically feed bees sugar water through the winter months, rather than leaving any portion of the bees’ own honey for their consumption.


Products available at the market stall

Fresh Frozen Bee Pollen                            200 / 500 gram       €  20,- / 45,-

Ambrosia (Fermented Beepollen)            100 / 200 gram         € 19,- /   39,-


Thyme Ambrosia – Raw Cold Pressed Honey     250 / 500 / 1000 gram       € 14,- /  23,- / 45,-

With Ambrosia, Propolis & Bee pollen


Wild Deep Forest                                                     250 / 500 / 1000 gram        € 14,- /  23,- / 45,-

Raw Cold Pressed Honey

Pollen from Pine and Spruce – Certified Organic

(low stocks more coming end of May)


Wild Rosemary –                                                      250 /  500 / 1000 gram      € 14,- /  23,- / 45,-

Raw Cold Pressed Honey

Certified Organic


Blue Heather Honey +35 in Miron Glass

Raw Cold Pressed Honey                                    € 45,- /  69,-

Certified Organic


About Leif

Leif Hedström is a scholar of the medicinal properties of nature’s plenitude.

He goes about life with a pure and focused ambition of educating people and delivering to them the most beneficial elements of nature for their internal wellbeing.

After spending more than a decade deeply investigating the curative properties of wild products, Leif has dedicated himself to collecting and harvesting a few choice ingredients in the most conscious way possible: idyllic conditions for growing, peaceful and respectful collection processes, the minimal processing which allows for the maximum benefit from the product.

Leif’s youth set the course for the man he has become.  Leif spent his early years until the age of 17 in Scandinavia, in close contact with nature, and in the company of his grandmother – a woman sincere in her investigation of the relationship between people and medicine, and a pharmacist by profession.  These experiences fuelled Leif’s love of Nordic folk medicine.

Travelling to the USA and finding himself in the company of Native Americans, Leif was introduced to the medicine of the people and noticed many similarities between his previous knowledge of Nordic folk medicine and the folk medicine of the Native Americans.  This realisation propelled Leif into a far deeper investigation of the properties of plants, thus leading him through scholarly self-inquiry of Unani (Greek-Arabic) and Chinese folk medicine.

Leif returned to Europe upon completion of his residency with the Native Americans and began to identify the places that would connect him with the purest and most high-potency products from nature. He dedicates his time to following the cycle of the seasons, collecting the finest and most high potency by-products of nature with the greatest of care, trotting the globe between his base in Amsterdam, the Balearics, Siberia and Scandinavia.

Leif lives with his girlfriend and their daughter on the outskirts of Amsterdam, tucked away in a close-knit green community complete with organic gardens, a handful of small farm animals, and a philosophy working towards sustainability.


Contact details

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