Video Interview Matt Monarch of the Raw Food World

Besides being the keynote speaker at this year’s Dutch Raw Food Festival where we made this interview, Matt Monarch has been at the forefront of the Raw Foods Movement for over 16 years. He travels worldwide teaching about healthy eating and healing from degenerative diseases. Matt likes to share how the 100% Raw Food Diet can be used as one of the many pathways into the spiritual realm. Matt hosts a very popular online Raw Food TV Show, a Positive News website and an online Raw Foods and Superfoods store.

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In this exclusive video;

  • Matt shares which two types of food are most damaging for the body and should be eliminated first, for healing.
  • We discuss how a 100% raw food diet can utterly transform your life and make you much more receptive to spiritual growth.
  • Matt explains one of his most valued spiritual practices for getting rid of negative feelings.
  • Matt explains his number one physical detox tool.
  • Why people on a 100% raw food diet need to use this detox tool MORE than someone else on a wholefoods or more conventional diet.

Watch it here


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