Video Interview with Graham Jevon about Disaccharide Sugars

GrahaminterviewGraham Jevon is a young naturopathic nutritionist making waves in the UK and elsewhere!

He’s already somewhat known in the Netherlands since his talks in the last two years at the Dutch Raw Food Festival, where you will be able to see him again next weekend (Sunday 14th June). A few months ago we were sitting together at a cafe in Amsterdam, where we made this spontaneous video interview.  Please excuse the slight fishbowl sound effects which was necessary for filtering out the background noise.

Graham has a fresh perspective on diet and takes a biological and physiological look at nutrition. In this video he highlights some very important considerations, especially if you are not getting the results you want from your raw (or any) diet. This has to do with what he calls negative bio-accumulation, including the effects of disaccharide sugars (sucrose) found in some fruits and vegetables, as well as indigestible proteins found in a wide array of common natural food products. Disaccharide sugars further include sucrose, lactose and maltose.


While this is a short video and there is not a lot of time to explain the information in depth, I recommend further study (research the internet or consult with Graham) to learn more about the disaccharide sugars and the negative impacts they have on health.

A quick reference list here for the fruits and vegetables mentioned in the video for containing (sucrose) disaccharide sugars;








Also cashews feature highly on Graham’s ‘questionable foods’ list, not only do they contain disaccharides sugar and indigestible proteins, they grow with many different funguses.

Do you ever get the feeling when reading nutrition advice, that there’s something wrong with everything and nothing left to eat? As Graham says to be ‘kind, gentle and allowing’, don’t freak out about what you are eating. Our suggestion is if you do want to deepen your diet or health practice, the disaccharide sugars might be a useful area to investigate.

bananas and kiwi


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