Why do we love Mesquite and Lucuma?

What is so special about these powders and how do they fit in a raw or healthy dietstyle?

Since radically changing my diet many years ago to vegan, gluten free and free from refined sugars, I have always been on the look out for interesting new ingredients. Especially ones which can make up for some of the ‘substance’ I’ve been passing up, by not eating grain based products and so on. I’ve never felt restricted by my diet choices and always been able to find exciting new foods and interesting ways of preparing them.

While some ‘superfoods’ have been a huge hype and every shop is bursting with chia, goji, cacao and hemp, I notice other lesser known kitchen essentials are still very much ‘niche’, and not getting the attention they deserve.

Bringing into the spotlight (drumroll please) two raw powders that have earned a permanent place in my kitchen; Mesquite Powder (a ground seed pod) and Lucuma  powder (a fruit).

mesquite pods

Mesquite Flour / Powder

Mesquite is a gluten free flour and sugar substitute. It provides substance and a feeling of satiety, and is low on the glycemic index (just 25). It is rich in protein and contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It has a caramel flavour, like a mild carob, and tastes very well with things like cacao, cinnamon, nuts and seeds. It can be sprinkled over almost anything as a seasoning.

Read a lot more about Mesquite here, and in Dutch here

Best uses in the raw kitchen

To sweeten and flavour a nut mylk

In smoothies either banana or chocolate based

In homemade chocolates

In homemade granola, or sprinkled over oatmeal or cereal.

Pie crusts


In all types raw or non-raw biscuits and cakes.

Try out this 1 minute Caramel Sauce Recipe here


Lucuma Fruit Powder

Lucuma has a subtle maple syrup flavour with hints of butterscotch, sweet potato, mango and apricot!

It is not available as a fresh fruit in Europe however it is a very popular food in its native Peru where it is the most popular ice cream flavour (even more than vanilla or chocolate). Besides a wonderful flavour and a healthy source of calories, it is great for making smooth, creamy textures.

It is a source of B complex vitamins including Niacin (B3), beta carotene, and minerals including iron, potassium and calcium. Like mesquite, lucuma is low on the glycemic index offering just 2 grams of natural fruit sugar for every 11 grams of carbohydrate.

Read a lot more about Lucuma here, and in Dutch here

Suggested uses

Goes well with fruit based smoothies including Green smoothies

1- 2 tablespoons with chia seeds to make a chia pudding

Nut or coconut (ice)creams / dessert toppings

In a protein drink (eg with SunWarrior)

In tea, coffee, hot chocolate.

Lucuma is extremely handy to have around!

Author; Diana Store

Buy Mesquite and Lucuma

Buy our own Raw Superfoods brand, certified organic, raw Lucuma and Mesquite powders (250/500g) at this website, or at the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam.

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