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Discount Until Midnight 30th April 2017

Brian Clement PhD, author and director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute (Florida, USA) will be speaking in Holland.

When: 19:00 to 21:30 Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Where: Muiderkerk, Linnaeusstraat 37, 1093 EC Amsterdam


Come and learn how changing the lifestyle and living on living foods abundant energy and extraordinary nutrition protects cells from early death, promoting life extension.  Clement will explain how each of us can lengthen our life span and increase the quality of our health and well-being.  His extensive clinical research as Director of Hippocrates Health Institute affords him a private understanding of how all people can prevent premature ageing, disease and resulting unhappiness.

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Discount Until Midnight 30th April 2017

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Good health is every person’s birthright, and a life free of disease and pain is our human legacy. We can draw from our internal resources to transform the quality of our health and lives. When combined with proper lifestyle habits, the commitment to this inspired ideal can not only reverse and prevent disease but stop premature ageing.

Dr. Clement will reveal a step-by-step guide to the elimination of Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches (Migraines), Forgetfulness, Insomnia, Fatigue, Irritability, Digestive Problems and much more.

Every attendee also receives a free subscription to the “Healing Our World” magazine and a free wheatgrass juice.

HHImagFresh cut wheatgrass

Would you like a 10% discount for a stay at Hippocrates Health Institute, USA?

As an Event participant, you will have an exclusive opportunity to purchase a coupon which can be used to guarantee a 10% discount off tuition or a stay at Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, which is valid for one year after the event. The coupon costs €95 which you will be refunded when you make a reservation at Hippocrates, in addition to receiving the 10% discount.

Feedback from visitors (previous years).

It was a wonderful, inspiring evening with Brian Clement, thank you so much for organising this!

  • Ambara De Baets

Jaaa, het was werkelijk fan-tas-tisch! Ik wilde bijna op de stoel gaan staan tijdens het laatste applaus, haha. Helaas heb ik me ingehouden… Als er iemand de Nobelprijs verdient, is het Brian Clement, topautoriteit in voeding en gezondheid wel. Thanks Diana for organizing this.

  • Sandra de Vos, Raw Food Author

Really enjoyed the Brian Clements talk yesterday. Please keep me up to date on any future talks of topnotch coaches, nutritionists and healers.
–  Michael Henskens

Dr. Clements lectures I attended were both highly informative and mandatory in today’s world. It is my belief that every human and our species and our planet as a whole, would benefit tremendously from this information on real common sense and cutting edge information on high quality life and lifestyle. If you care enough about you, your loved ones or the human race, make sure you get your ass over here next time!

– Tim van Orsouw, Neuromuscular Therapist, Amsterdam

Dear Diane, as you were our host of yesterday’s lecture of Dr. Brian Clement, I’d like you to know I had a wonderful evening. Dr. Clement has a lot of interesting information to share with us. I’d surely love to visit his Institute once.

–  Gwendolyn van der Krieken

Dit was een geweldig ervaring. Voor mij is dit totaal nieuw. Ik heb dan ook veel geleerd vandaag. Brian Clement is heel duidelijk in zijn verhaal, maar okk heel luchtig. De verantwoordelijkheid voor je gezondheid ligt bij jezelf.

  • Deelnemer


Ik heb genoten van de kijk op ziekte en voedsel door dr. Brian Clement. Zo leerzaam en uplifting, daarmee kan ik weer voort om te komen tot een verdere life-change.

  • I.G


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Public Transport | For travel advice see  http://www.9292.nl

  • From Central Station: tram 9, 1st stop of Swindenstraat
  • From Muiderpoort Station: tram 3 stop Linnaeusstraat
  • From Dam Square: tram 14 stop Alexanderplein
  • From the Leidseplein: tram 7, stop Linnaeusstraat or tram 10, stop Alexanderplein
  • From the water: Canal Bus and Artis Express Boat


  • Moby Park : reserve your parking place a couple of minutes walking distance from thet Muiderkerk at Moby Park for 3 euros per hour. Reserve online .
  • QPark : You can park your car ar ook   QPark east gate for a day price of € 12, -. This is Approximately 10 minutes walking distance from the Muiderkerk.

Brian R. Clement

Speaker Biography

Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N. has spearheaded the international progressive health movement for more than three and one-half decades.  He is the Director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida (U.S.A.), the world’s foremost complementary residential health center. Over the last half century he and his team have pioneered clinical research and training in disease prevention using hundreds of thousands of participants who provided volumes of data, giving Clement a privileged insight into the lifestyle required to prevent disease, enhance longevity, and maintain vitality. Their findings have provided the basis for Hippocrates progressive, state-of-the-art treatments and programs for health maintenance and recovery–––their Life Transformation Program.

Brian Clement has written 20 plus books focused on health, spirituality and natural healing. Among them are “Living Foods for Optimum Health”, “Longevity”, “Lifeforce”, which Dr. Colin Campbell calls “One of the most important books ever written on nutrition. “Supplements Exposed,” published in 2010, reveals the pharmaceutical fraud rampant in the sales, production, and distribution of worthless and harmful vitamin pills. Additionally, he has authored three volumes for the scientific community “Food is Medicine”.  One of his most popular books is his “7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality” being touted as an important guide to the biology of love.  His recent offering, “Dairy Deception” spotlights the hazards of milk, eggs and their offspring.

Brian Clement is a devoted husband and a caring father of four, who along with his wife, Anna Maria Gahns-Clement Ph.D., L.N., co-directs the Hippocrates Health Institute. In addition to his research studies, Clement conducts conferences worldwide on attaining health and creating longevity, giving humanity a roadmap for redirecting, enriching and extending their lives.

A licensed nutritionist, Brian Clement is a graduate of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology where he earned his Ph.D.


See also www.hippocratesinst.org

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