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Including Unique Chapters from David Wolfe, Victoria Boutenko, Brian Clement PhD and Gabriel Cousens MD, Compiled and Edited by Diana Store

A Set of Principles Experts Agree On For a Raw Food Based Diet. Raw Food Works offers a set of principles that provide a holistic and scientific framework for how the optimum diet works. This framework has one highly empowering idea at its core – that human beings function best on an enzyme-rich diet of unadulterated plant-based foods. Find out from an illuminating cast of contributors how such a diet can give you radiant health and vibrant energy throughout your life!  Raw Food Works has been created to address the confusion often experienced by health seekers beginning a raw foods diet. This 276 page book has been co-authored by the most accomplished leaders and authors in the raw food field, each contributing original and unique chapters which you won’t find in their other books or publications.

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A Set of Principles Experts Agree On For a Raw Food Based Diet

Raw Food Works has been created to address the confusion often experienced by health seekers beginning a raw foods diet. This 276 page book has been co-authored by the most accomplished leaders and authors in the raw food field, each contributing original and unique chapters which you won’t find in their other books or publications.

The authors have a combined experience, totaling many hundreds of years, of eating a raw food diet themselves and helping others to do the same. After the majority of the authors met at a series of round table meetings, they have distilled a set of timeless, coherent and unified principles about what can be considered a safe and complete approach to a raw and living foods diet.

This is a companion book to all the books you already have, and is for beginners as well as advanced raw food enthusiasts. It is recommended to start with this book before, or alongside, getting into the practical part of preparing delicious raw recipes. (It is not a recipe book!)

Who are the authors?

Compiled by editor and raw-food enthusiast Diana Store, Raw Food Works is a collection of insightful essays that arose from the principles agreed upon at the International Living Foods Summits, meetings of raw food leaders which took place between 2006 and 2009 at West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Including contributions from many of the Summit’s attendees as well as other experts in the field—most notably Gabriel Cousens MD; Victoria Boutenko; David Wolfe; Brian Clement, PhD; Viktoras Kulvinskas MS; Karen Knowler and Rev. George Malkmus—Raw Food Works explains exactly how and why a diet of RAW FOOD WORKS.

Contents of Raw Food Works:

Introduction by Diana Store

Part 1: The Optimum Diet For Health And Longevity

1. Vegan 2.0 – Everyone@Plant-Based David Rainoshek M.A.
2. Organics For Life Cherie Soria
3. Enzymes Viktoras Kulvinskas MS
4. The Principle Of 80% Raw Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
5. Deep Food – Accessing Nutrient Density From The Ground Up David Rainoshek MA and Katrina Rainoshek
6. God Sleeps In Stone: The Power Of Minerals To Improve Health David Wolfe
7. High Water Content Foods And The Necessity For Proper Hydration Dorit
8. The Value Of Raw Vegetable Juices Rev. George Malkmus
9. Chlorophyll Rich Green Foods In Three Parts
The Miracle Powers Of Chlorophyll Victoria Boutenko
The Healing Power Of Wheatgrass Jill Swyers
Primordial All Organic AFA Michael Saiber and Tamera Campbell
10. The Importance Of Essential Fatty Acids Rick Dina DC
11. The Key Of Low Sugar Consumption Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
12. The Body’s Need For Adequate Salt Jameth Sheridan ND
13. Enlightened Eating With Calorie Prudence David Rainoshek MA
14. Detoxification And Healing Brenda Cobb
15. Superfoods And Supplements Jameth Sheridan ND
16. The Importance Of Vitamin B12 Gabriel Cousens MD, MD(H) and Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
17. Dark Field Microscopy Anna Maria Clement PhD, NMD, LNC
18. How To Make The Change Easily, Joyfully And Successfully Karen Knowler
19. Its Not Just What You Eat – Lifestyle And Beyond Jameth Sheridan ND

Part 2. The Principles In Practice

Healing Diabetes Requires A Shift In Consciousness Gabriel Cousens MD, MD(H)
Afterword. Getting On Track And Staying On Track Walter Urban PhD

Reviews Raw Food Works

This beautiful book that contains the golden guidance of so many brilliant experts is the story of my life. In 1975, at the age of 31,  I  discovered the possibility of raw food and found a new person inside myself. I found glowing health, vitality, persistence, purity, and a deep connection to my spiritual nature that I never knew existed. Whether raw food becomes your life path or a method of healing that will not fail you, it is a life-enhancing, life-saving choice you must now know about and always be able to use. Believe these teachers when they tell you that raw food will heal you. Raw food will make you feel young no matter what your age. Raw food will show you how beautiful you truly are. Try what they recommend! You absolutely deserve to experience the fun and fantastic feeling that raw food brings into your life! -Marilyn Diamond, Co-author Fit for Life

I own ever raw food book out there and I could not put this book down. I love that it is a compilation of many authors of raw food. The chapters by David Rainoshek were brilliant and can’t wait for his own book to come out. There were a few people I have not heard of like Diana Store or Dr. Dina and his very well reseached and explanation on essential fatty acids. This book will make you feel good about being a raw foodist or want to be one now. There were many great quotes, charts and references. I highly recommend you own this book for those who think they know all about raw foods and to buy one for everybody you know. -Tonya Dahl, Canada, on Amazon.com

Raw Food Works is a comprehensive study – and inspiration – that takes the reader on a practical and scientific journey into the basics to advanced of raw food nutrition and detoxification.  It features some of the movement’s top leaders who offer expert advice based on clinical studies, while other leaders provide expertise founded in what Raw Food Works stands for:  dedication and conviction based on personal experience and working extensively in the field.  Praise to Diana Store for her compilation and writing efforts to bring together a work that provides congruency and a broad range of knowledge from authorities in a newly emerging and exciting approach to not only heal and be healthy, yet also to understand oneself in body and spirit. – Amy Rachelle, ND

I’m very happy with this book. I’ve already given away almost 10 copies to friends and acquaintances. The book gives an excellent overview of raw food: the what and why. It saves reading many (often fat) books by the various experts. They share their expertise on the importance of e.g. greens, enzymes, fats, water, vitamin B12 and superfoods. If you really want to, you can always go into their books. I find the articles easy to read. Even my parents can understand now! (If they want to 😉 – Peter Hofstee, Holland

 I was so pleased to meet the author of ‘Raw Food Works’, Diana Store, at the Bristol Vegan Fayre this year, and I simply have not been able to put her book down since. Packed with expert tips and her view point to raw foods, ‘Raw Food Works’ is a must for anyone who wants to really know and understand the foods that they eat.  -Karin Ridgers, Off the Hoof Magazine, UK

Raw Food Works, compiled by Diana Store is without a doubt the most influential book I have read to date. Diana has gone in search of specialist wisdom and nutritional truth and presents it whether to the curious beginner or seasoned raw fooder with clarity and depth of supportive information. I completely love this book, have sent it to every family member and attribute it’s matter to my improved health, positive state of mind and new found youthful glow. Thank you Diana. You have changed my life. -Josie Hoar, Grand Caymen Islands

I’ve met the author Diana Store, who now lives and works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) through a friend of mine. He suggested I should buy the book & since I’m very interested in healthy living & vegetarianism, I decided to do so. The book has been a complete revelation for me. I’ve learned so much & am astounded at the facts & figures and amazing examples the different participants to the book have included (the book is actually a compilation of different experts that each write on their speciality). I’m now very interested to learn more & to participate in raw food workshops thanks to this introduction to the raw food movement. Previously I thought it was weird or odd to only eat raw food, but the book makes it clear that you don’t need to be 100% raw food, you can keep a part of your food cooked, but raw food has so many benefits to your health, that you definitely want to give it a try. Don’t we all want to live happily & healthy for a long, long time? – A. Ijkema, Belgium, on Amazon.co.uk


Ik ben erg blij met dit boek. Ik heb al bijna 10 exemplaren kado gedaan aan vrienden en kennissen. Het geeft een goed overzicht over raw food: wat het is en waarom. Het scheelt het lezen van veel (vaak dikke) boeken van de verschillende experts. Zij delen hun expertise over het belang van o.a. groen, enzymen, vetten, water, B12 en superfoods. Je kunt je daarna altijd nog verder verdiepen in een onderwerp. Ik vind de artikelen ook erg prettig te lezen. Zelfs mijn ouders kunnen dit begrijpen! – Peter Hofstee, Nederland


Raw Food Works. Published 2009. Paperback, 270 pages.  ISBN 978—9-081-33762-5

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