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The Stockli Dehydrators are ideal for drying fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs with a quality comparable to raw food. With a variable fine temperature adjustment ranging between 20˚ and 70˚C you can make sure that you choose a temperature that will preserve the nutritional content of your produce.

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Product Description

The Stockli Dehydrators feature a fan for active warm air circulation to provide even, gentle drying throughout its three dishwasher-safe trays. The baffles on the fan distribute heat more evenly with a clever series of concentric outlets in the base. The Stockli uses an economical maximum 600 watts, and features a safety cut out with automatic reset to prevent accidental damage from overheating.

The extra-deep trays will accommodate everything from thin fruit leathers to thick sprout breads. You can add up to a further seven trays to increase the drying area, and boost the capacity from 1.5kg to 5kg. Extra trays can be purchased in pairs or individually.


The Stockli Dehydrator is manufactured to the high standard typical of goods made in Switzerland. It is sturdily constructed of corrosion proof, taste-free, light grey polypropylene. There are two models available – one with a 12-hour integral timer, and another budget model without the timer. The timer offers peace of mind that the dehydrator will switch itself off if you forget to.

The 33.5 cm (13.5 inch) circular base provides a compact footprint for this dehydrator making it ideal where space is limited while still offering a substantial drying area. A transparent lid displays processing times and has a useful time indicator that can be set by hand to indicate either start or finish time for the produce you are drying. The instruction manual includes recipes and drying times.

§     Size: 280mm High x 335mm Diameter (11 x 13.5 inches)

§     Weight: 3.5kg

§     Capacity: 1.5 kg with 3 plastic trays supplied – up to 5 kg using 10 trays (available separately)

§     Tray depth: 50mm (2 inches)

§     Vertical drying system

§     Power: 230 volts, 600 Watts (maximum)

§     Safety feature: Thermal cut-out with automatic reset.

§     Guarantee: 2 years

§     Fully SEV and CE qualified

§     Colour: Grey

Made in Switzerland

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