Raw Cacao Nibs 250 grams


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Clean and microbe-free, our raw cacao/cocoa products provide phenylethylamine (PEA) ‘the love chemical’ which helps increase focus and alertness, and anandamide, ‘the bliss chemical’. Raw Cacao also provides abundant antioxidants, including polyphenols and catechins that help to fight off free radicals. Research indicates that the flavanols found in cacao, have positive influences on vascular health, in addition to having antioxidant properties. It has been reported that the flavonal quantities are much higher in raw cacao/chocolate,  than the products which have been ‘Dutch processed’ (cocoa that is treated with an alkali to neutralize its natural acidity).

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Product Description

Raw Superfood’s Cacao nibs are a delicious way to pack quality nutrients into your menu. Cacao nibs come from cacao beans, the nut of the fruit of the evergreen tree Theobromo Cacao. Cacao beans are an outstanding source of rich minerals and antioxidants that contribute to health and prevent disease. Raw Superfood’s Cacao nibs are ethically sourced from a supplier in Ecuador who directly buys the cacao beans from small farmers. These Criollo ‘Arriba Nacional’ cacao beans, are organically grown in environmentally sound conditions to yield the finest quality cacao beans and nibs. By buying Raw Superfoods cacao beans and nibs you indirectly help in preserving the rain forest. These Cacao trees are difficult to mono-crop and require a natural rainforest to flourish.

Raw Superfood’s Cacao products come from the non-hybrid ancient Criollo variety of cacao. Criollo beans are the most delicate and prized beans produced and they represent only 1% of the world mass production. Criollo variety have an exotic flavour, and are superior in quality compared to the low priced cacao powders in the market. Our product is also free of microbial contamination which is an exceptional feature among the cacao products available internationally. Stringent quality control procedures ensures a first class, superior product.

Nutritional profile of Raw Superfood’s Cacao nibs

Cacao nibs are packed with nutrients and are a fantastic source of minerals magnesium and chromium as well as a good source of copper, zinc, iron, potassium and calcium. Cacao nibs are rich in antioxidants like polyphenols, epicatechins and catechins which play a vital role in preventing degenerative diseases.

Rich in minerals:

Cacao nibs are naturally rich in minerals magnesium and iron as well as trace mineral chromium. Magnesium is necessary to retain calcium in bones, and improve nerve health. Iron is necessary to carry oxygen to various tissues. The trace mineral chromium is important to maintain blood sugar levels.


The antioxidants in cacao beans are 30 times the amount in green tea. They include, flavolos, catechins and anthocyanidins. Flavonols are the most important polyphenols in cacao beans.

It also provides theobromine a type of alkaloid that is similar to caffeine but without its harmful effects.


Cacao is a source of anandamide, a neuro-chemical that is responsible for the feel-good factor. Cacao also contain MAO (Monoamine oxidase enzyme) inhibitors which prevent the break down of anandamide, allowing the secretion of serotonin, another neurotransmitter that is responsible for happiness and uplifting emotions.

Improves focus & alertness:

Cacao provides a compound called phenethylamine (PEA) another neurotransmitter that is necessary for positive effects in the brain. PEA is an alkaloid that acts as a gentle stimulant and improves alertness. Besides cacao beans are also naturally rich in B vitamins which are responsible for energy release from food.

How to use it

Raw Superfood’s Cacao nibs are absolutely delectable as a stand-alone snack or great to incorporate into recipes. Add to smoothies for an extravagant chocolate taste, sprinkle on on top of fruit or icecream, or add to your home-made energy bars and cookies for packing in more nutrition and to add a chocolatey twist. (The original chocolate chip!)

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