Fresh Aloe Vera Lemonade

Ideal for a cleansing start to the day.

To prepare the fresh aloe vera gel, cut off a segment a few centimetres wide, discarding the base of the leaf and the tip. Cut off the thin jagged edges. Then ‘fillet’. Lay it, flat side facing down on the surface, and run a knife along the inside of the outer green skin to remove it. Flip it over and run the knife along the inside of the outer rind, and your gel is ready to go.

Read all about the properties and how to use fresh aloe vera here

In a blender:

50 grams fresh aloe gel

500ml pure water

Juice of half to one whole lemon

125 grams fresh berries

Honey and/or stevia to sweeten, to taste.

Optional: Camu camu powder and MSM or Renew Me.

Optional: Fortify this drink with Marine Phytoplankton or other green superfood

It is possible to buy certified organic fresh Aloe Vera leaves (grown in Spain) from our market stall at the Noordermarkt every Saturday.

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