Raw Food Workshop Amsterdam for Two People (25-10-2016)


Eat Vital in One Evening, Tuesday 25th October 2016, 19.00 – 21.30 Do you want to learn how to prepare the most tasty, healthy, innovative cuisine on the planet? Have you tried un-cooking? This workshop will include an introductory talk as well as food prep demonstration. We will make maximum use of the time to fit in as many practical techniques as possible. The why and how of eating raw Raw versions of your favourite cooked meals How to create excellent flavours The most versatile use of your kitchen equipment

1 person: 45 euros* including meal and recipe sheets

2 persons: 80 euros* including meals and recipe sheets. *All prices incl. btw.



Eat Vital Workshops will show you;

  • How to eat for radiant health and vibrant energy
  • A balanced healthy diet based on raw foods
  • Tasty dishes to fit in your busy lifestyle, using pure organic ingredients, without gluten, dairy or refined sugars
  • Orientation in the raw food kitchen – tools and techniques
  • Countless tips for making raw food work in the real world.+ Ask questions, meet and share with others


“Thank you for your enthusiasm and sharing of your knowledge about Rawfood. I came here to get inspired again and I am! I am looking forward to incorporating more raw food into my daily diet, and try out the recipes for myself, family and friends!” – Francis, Groningen. “A lot of inspiration to get more into raw food at home, thanks for that. You are very knowledgeable about the subject, that works well.” – Rozemarijn, Permaculture designer “I was shocked when I found out Diana’s real age. She is a testament to her work and really knows her stuff. Her passion for raw food and making it simple, and easy to follow for ANYONE running busy lives makes me excited. Myblender is having a work out now. J Thank you Diana.” – Dr. Terry, Anti-aging specialist, UK “Diana made it clear for me to understand how raw foods can keep me young, beautiful and healthy. It sounds more easy than Ithought and can taste good too. I believe I can eat this way in my life.” – Sam Perry, UK “Thank you very much for the workshop yesterday, it was exactly what I was hoping it would be: totally inspiring! My raw intake will increase a lot from now. All recipes tasted great yesterday and my wife was very happy too with the raw choc-bars I brought back See you soon some saturday on the Noordermarkt! “- Mattijs, The Netherlands “I totally loved your course. The food was so good. I could not have had a better introduction to raw food eating. I was a kind of sceptic before I came but you won me over! Thanks so much for that. I’ll definitely try to slowly add more and more raw to my diet. You took such good care of us, spoilt us with great dishes. It was really good, just to actually see things being prepared before my eyes. Made the ‘impossible’ seem a lot more doable. Added to that your sweet self, modest yet convincing.” – Annette, Amsterdam “I really liked the way you had a lot of recipes to show us, and you were prepared really well. You answered a lot of my questions, and gave a lot of ideas and tips….Diana, I enjoyed the course very much, I like your positive and vibrant energy. And the food was absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks!” – Fleur, Amsterdam “Well, as I said before you certainly delivered! …. Most people are happy that they are simply part of this course, which is to be expected because it is such an essential one!” – Guido, Amsterdam “Thanks Diana, for sharing your creativity, enthusiasm, love and care for living foods and being very alive! I feel very nourished and think we all do!!” – Sasha, Amsterdam

About Diana

diana-portrait I transformed my health and energy levels after reinventing my diet in 1996. In the years previous to this, I suffered frequent colds and flus, poor sleep, low energy and little enthusiasm for life. All this changed permanently after adopting a grain free, vegan diet, high in raw foods, and I have never looked back since. For nine years I ate 100% raw food diet, and for the years either side of that a 70-80-90+% raw diet. Wanting to share the benefits with others, I changed my career in 2003 to start a business ‘Raw Superfoods’ based in The Netherlands. (I am originally from the UK which is why I write in English!) Aiming to serve a world that is sick and tired of being sick and tired, I’ve used my talents in events promotion, recipe and product creation and as a teacher and writer, to spread my message. I have learned from and worked with the best in the field including Gabriel Cousens MD, David Wolfe, and Brian Clement, director of the Hippocrates Health Institute. In 2009 I compiled and edited a 276 page collaboration book between these and other leading experts, called Raw Food Works, which offers a united view of guiding principles for a successful raw food diet.

Cancellation Policy:
For cancellation more than 14 days before the beginning of the workshop a full refund will be offered. For cancellation between 4 and 14 days of the beginning of the workshop 50% refund will be offered.  For cancellation within 72 hours (3 days) of the beginning of the workshop no refund will be offered. This is because the venue cannot be cancelled at short notice, and because of the time and money spent preparing for the workshop. Thank you for your understanding!


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