Raw Wild Forest Pine 500 grams


Wild Cold Pressed Raw Honeys from Fjall Bjorken (Leif Hedstrom).
“Honey cultivated in optimal conditions with respect for bees, humans and nature – extracted using gentle techniques resulting in a honey in its richest and most pure form.”
All of the products are Certified Organic and Wild Harvested using Ancient Beekeeping methods to preserve all-natural nutrients and vitality in this precious honey.
Leif’s wild honeybees live on private land in the European Peaks, a UNESCO-protected natural heritage site on the Atlantic seacoast in Northern Spain. This special location provides pure, clean ozone-rich air and nutrient-dense soil. The bees feed on the nectars and collect the pollens of wildflowers native to its pristine natural surroundings.
Honey is procured by a traditional Scandinavian technique of cold-pressing the comb. The final product is unfiltered, leading to honey in its optimal form: pure, rich, raw, and nutritionally dense.
Through gentle, respectful beekeeping practices, 20% of the honey and comb is left for the bees’ nourishment during the colder winter months.


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The downside of modern beekeeping practices looks like this:

Bees are fed sugar-water instead of their own honey.
In order to combat the bacterial growth that occurs in the beehive as a result of reusing honeycombs, bees are given antibiotics.
Honey, including ‘raw’ honey, is collected through a centrifuging process which requires heating the honey to 50-60 degrees Celsius and which leads to filtration of the honey – compromising greatly on the potential health benefits of the honey.
Honey that is procured through centrifuging – which is often labelled as raw or cold-pressed honey – goes through a process of spinning the comb to collect the honey. The intense spinning causes oxidation to take place – which leads to the beginning of bacterial imbalance in the comb. The comb is then recycled – in order to maximise the ‘efficiency’ of the bees – thus they will not ‘waste’ energy building a new comb, with the purpose of making honey production more efficient.
As oxidation of the comb has begun, and a bacterial imbalance is underway, bees are given antibiotics to keep the bacterial growth under control. The empty, oxidising cones will sit empty in the beehive for 5+ months through the winter – while bacteria grows. Efficiency-minded beekeepers typically feed bees sugar water through the winter months, rather than leaving any portion of the bees’ own honey for their consumption.


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