Abrikozenpitten boter, rauw en biologisch, 250g


Sun & Seed’s raw, organic aprilcot kernel butter is made with raw “sweet” apricot kernels, organically grown in Turkey. All Sun & Seed nut and seed butters are made by simply grinding raw seeds or nuts using traditional stone milling machine. It is a slow and careful process ensuring that all the benefits and nutritional value is preserved.



Containing high levels of protein and monounsaturated fats, this healthy spread is also a good source of vitamin B17 and vitamin E.
Sweet apricot kernels are safe to eat, and they are not to be mistaken with “bitter kernels”.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Apricot Kernels
Sun & Seed explain their process:

” Making our nut butters involves drying the nuts in the warm air- blow compartment, and in this process the temperature of the core in the nuts doesn’t exceed 40C. It is a similar process to dehydrating nuts, just more effective.

I understand that our butters taste better and different to nut butters which are made with nuts which still have a lot of moisture in them . If you still have a tiny amount of water that will help Lipolitical microorganisms to degrade the butters and that is why butters which are made with nuts which have moisture may taste foul. So, water in the products is a problem because it helps all kinds of microorganisms to grow.

If you compare our butters with butters which are made with toasted nuts or nuts heated at higher temperatures, there is a difference again – a big difference in the taste, texture and smell.


We have a very accurate temperature monitoring system and can easily check the core temperature in the nut. ”


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